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The Missions Committee Is Committed To:
  • Ensuring that our missionaries in the field are covered with prayer from our fellowship.
  • Increasing the awareness of the ministries performed by the missionaries Trinity supports.
  • Facilitating communication from our fellowship to those in the field.
  • Enabling the participation of the Trinity family in missions opportunities.
  • Increasing the awareness of ways that God is 'getting the Word out' to people who don't have the Bible in their language through our family of EC missionaries.
How You Can Help:
  • Active participation in "Missionary Prayer Partner" prayer events.
  • Regularly checking the Missions Board in the education wing lobby.
  • Including missionaries in your financial giving.
  • Encouraging your child to participate in all the MMK activities and classes.
  • Sending cards and letters to Trinity's missionaries on a regular basis.
Below Please Find Information On Those Missionaries We Support:
  • Randy & Chris Amberman Serving the Navajo Nation in New Mexico
  • Jamie & Anita Farr Serving as teacher recruiters through Wycliffe in Florida
  • Kurt & Nancy Graff Serving as church planting consultants through Café 1040 in Michigan
  • Roy & Sue Haglund Serving as administrators through MAF in Idaho
  • Kitty Miller Serving as linguist teacher through SIL in Thailand
  • Dan and Melinda Moury raising support so they can serve as videographers through Wycliffe in Florida
  • Dave & Conce Roof Serving as church planters through OMS in Brazil
  • Joe & Wendy Toy Serving as an evangelist with Open Air Ministries in Philadelphia
  • BJ & Rachel Whitaker Serving as church planters through ECMI in Spain
  • Jonathan & Kathy Wilson Serving as Bible translators through Wycliffe in Papua New Guinea  
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