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Worship Thoughts

A Message from our Trinity Lighthouse Worship Ministry Commissioner: Randy Knox
What Does Worship Mean to You?

As a truck driver, I get to see a lot of things I might not necessarily see. This past Monday afternoon, I was driving through Wilkes Barre on the Northeast extension of the Pa. turnpike. I noticed the trees were turning the beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange that the autumn season brings.

As I gazed at their beauty, it occurred to me that God’s awesome creativity was on full display. As I took it all in, I began to praise God for His mighty works. I thought that something so seemingly insignificant as the changing colors of the leaves was a small demonstration of God’s love for me and for all His children.

 I thought that God, in His magnificence, didn’t have to make the leaves change colors. He could just as easily have left them green or turned them into dull, drab, colorless shades of gray.

But He loves us so much that He changes those leaves for our benefit, our pleasure, our joy. He didn’t have to design it that way, but because He loves us, He wanted to get our attention with this small gesture. From this little offering of beauty, He shows us He really does exist. The serendipitous chance that cold, emotionless, irrational “Mother Nature” would ever have conceived of this is astronomical.

As the Scripture says,  in Romans 1:20: “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”

Sometimes I think we miss some great “God sightings” because we’re looking for magnificent miracles to prove His existence. But just as God speaks to us in a whisper rather than a loud shout, He shows up in small, wonderful ways. His love for us is demonstrated in such things as the cooing of a newborn, the smile of a baby, the giggles of a toddler, the tender touch of a friend, the loving look of a spouse or the quiet wisdom of the elderly.

So if you really want to see God, look for the small gifts He reveals. Not the miraculous signs the Pharisees expected; not the slap upside the head that the cynics and skeptics of today want. Just the small, almost imperceptible, loving touches that only He can provide.

Praise Him unceasingly and love Him deeply for the little things you notice in your life, rather than wait for some major miracle. Because the more often you see him in the little things, the easier it will be to love Him in any and all circumstances.

I encourage you this week, then, to open your eyes, unplug your ears and engage your minds to look for a “God sighting”. They’re all around you. You don’t want to miss them or the blessing they will bring into your life. And then, if you feel bold enough, come next week with an example and share it with us. We’ll all be blessed and encouraged that God does indeed exist and, most of all, that He does indeed love us!

What does worship mean to you?


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